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FederFARMACO S.p.A., which includes over 20 drug distribution cooperatives that serve about 2/3 of pharmacies throughout the country, has chosen Suite E3 to support the processes of collaboration with the drug and para-pharmacy industry.

The Oracle Enterprise 12C database, chosen as a technology platform, has been integrated with the Commercial Profitability application of the E3 Business Performance Management Platform. Dialog Sistemi provides the Company with complete outsourcing management of the infrastructure as well as application and reporting tools.

In particular, the Datawarehouse manages the collection of data from pharmacies relating to daily sales and purchases; the calculation of the cost of sales; the acquisition of personal data on products and pharmacies; the database containing about 2 billion lines of receipts.

Local users, through the interactive navigation tools offered by Suite E3, use the data obtained to support the process of improving the proposal. At the same time, every month pharmacies are provided with commercial reports that enable them to identify product gaps and product opportunities quickly.

Thanks to the solutions offered by Suite E3, FederFARMACO has achieved different business results such as full availability of information, useful to support pharmacies; activation of the objectification project with industry; complete autonomy of individual pharmacies in the processes of verification and assortment review.

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