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The Pan Group, an important reality of modern distribution in Sardinia with 60 sales outlets located throughout the territory, chooses the E3 Performance Management solutions to acquire control and governance of various business areas and to improve its business performance.

The company needed 360° Management Control covering all areas regarding profitability and cost. In particular, the commercial area needed daily sales and profit margin reporting along with an analysis of the profit margin updated with national contracts. The Human Resources Department needed an articulated structuring of labour costs for a targeted analysis and store distribution according to attendance; moreover, it needed to acquire payroll and attendance data by cross referencing them with sales. Finally, the Management Control Area required the production of Economic and Financial Accounts and Economic Accounts of Points of Sale, allowing a uniform view of the Group, and the activation of a Budget and Forecast system.

Thanks to the solutions offered by E3 Suite, already ready for use with a user guide, in a short amount of time the Pan Group has been able to deal with the problems encountered in various company areas, as also declared by Ing.  Emanuele Cocco, Controller: “With E3 Suite, which we use at 360°, the company has made a qualitative leap in the timeliness and reliability of Performance Management.”

In conclusion, the Pan Group managed to administer data and information in a short amount of time, from their collection and use to budget projections.

Read the full Case Study to learn more about the results of applying the E3 platform to the link:  Case Study Gruppo Pan.

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