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The E3 Performance Management Platform is in continuous evolution and has reached version 11 to be released shortly. Some features have been updated and improved to make them easier to use, such as:

The rewriting of the E3 Portal for interfaces and services;

  • The total renewal of the Data – Web Entry for data editing management;
  • Customizable tabular reports and the creation of aggregated reports (report book);
  • The interactive Web launch of the Report supported by Prompt;
  • The use of Active Directory for user authentication.

To complete and enrich these new functions, we have integrated them into Qlik Sense’s E3 platform, which makes it possible to make the most of E3 Business Performance Solutions by displaying data on the Dashboards’ synthetic and immediate graphic form.

An important feature of these Dashboards is their multichannel character, i.e. the possibility of being displayed on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, without using Apps but simply by connecting to a Browser.

This choice made by Dialog brings further benefits on two different levels:

  • On a commercial level, an Embedded agreement was made which allows the distribution of Qlik Sense customers on very favourable terms;
  • On a technical level, integration development was carried out foreseeing the distribution of Qlik Apps through E3 Portal with the realization of a function that allows the Qlik Database to generate (“Cloud”) starting from an E3 star scheme (“Star Schema”).

Download our ebook on integration with Qlik.

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