E3 (EXPLORER Enterprise Edition) is a product based on high-tech solutions and applications containing the most advanced Business Intelligence technologies:

  • fully customizable to allow easier analysis and consultation
  • graphic and intuitive interface to implement complex tasks
  • integrated with user’s Office environment and Excel spreadsheets, so customers are not forced to radically change their operational environment
  • use of the main RDBMS (database) and of their most advanced functions, to guarantee the flexibility of software support platforms
  • OLAP engine to implement efficient analysis on multi-dimensional data
  • web integrated to allow its distribution, obtained through the use of analysis tools.

E3 follows a fully modular and scalable architecture; thanks to these features it is able to operate on different platforms and to grow over time. It is a group of a fully integrated software modules and products.

It’s organized following a multi-level architecture: it is able to operate through a client/server “standard” procedure on two or three levels or through multi-level web operations or in different operating environments.


The Business Intelligence solution operates on different levels compared to the other components of the corporate IT system, its integration does not require any modification of its existing structure. E3 works in parallel with other programs and it can obtain data from different corporate sources such as:

  • corporate
  • ERP
  • database
  • user spreadsheets
  • market data

This allows the creation of value without having to perform organizational changes, in terms of IT tools or the way in which users normally work.


Thanks to the modular and scalable solutions offered by Dialog Sistemi, also in terms of project implementation, all company members can obtain access to the information over time: consulting data specifically developed to generate information and knowledge, it is really easy, with high performances and at reasonable costs.

From a quantitative and performance point of view, scalability can be guaranteed up to large volumes, even with terabytes of data and hundreds of users. E3 accompanies the growth of the organization and time optimal management referring to internal decision-making processes, while ensuring the opportunity to make the best decisions.

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