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Sisaveneta had been operating for 50 years in the medium and large-scale distribution and is present with more than 20 sale points, hypermarkets and supermarkets, in the provinces of Venice, Treviso, Pordenone and Udine.

Sisaveneta chose to create an Organizational Management Control Function, paying particular attention to the commercial processes and operations, to obtain significant economic returns and increase managerial capacity.

This decision was made when the company came into contact with Dialog, thanks to the proposal of E3 Suite Solutions, offering an organizational and support path to activate the new company area.

A professional figure dedicated to this area was also added for this reason.

The first point of focus for the new area will be the control of the entire commercial supply chain, from the purchase cycle up until sales and store operations

The primary users of the Management Control Function are Management, Buyers, Inspectors and Store / Department Managers, each with specific tools.

For example, important control and containment work in the area of ​​shrinkage will be carried out in the point of sale network, thanks to monitoring tools and the introduction of new company procedures, such as the modification of product labeling rules. Also thanks to the introduction of new technologies and randomized detection through terminals of shortages and processing waste, together with the management of department transfers.


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