Our solution is addressed to companies willing to manage their sales profitability in a coherent and timely manner (channel, store, department, etc.). Moreover, at present, it is essential to assess the effectiveness of promotional activities and customers’ clustering and analysis.

Sales profitability governance in relation to product categories, to stores and distribution centers thanks to the creation of stores, Department, Channel and Company profit and loss accounts based on accounting data, goods and manual integrations. Assortments and promotional policies active management.

  • Sales and commercial profit margin analysis
  • Product category performance
  • Assortment clustering analysis
  • Shrinkage management check
  • Returned and expired goods analysis
  • Promotional effectiveness analysis
  • Performance
  • Sales network
  • Deviations analysis
  • Fidelity analysis

The profit and loss account for commercial and sales profitability allows both an aggregated and a very detailed analysis.

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