Solicitations for sales, increased competition in terms of modern distribution presence, increased consumer price dynamics that lead to a progressive supply “discount” applying premium prices. Commercial brand development as an alternative to the traditional one and specialized niche sector achievement addressed at targeted, qualified consumers (e.g. Pet food, Wines, Dietary goods, Health goods, etc.) a generalized increase has been registered on the costs side: among others labour cost dynamics have increased in the last few years due to a significant sales paralysis. It is therefore essential to check the distribution chain introducing new monitoring and more effective organizational tools.

Management control solutions for the retail manufactory cover the main areas of interest concerning performance governance:

  • Stores
  • Staff leave
  • Logistics
  • Workforce
Different application areas are fully supported by the Budget and Forecast module. It does not only favour predictive procedures and individual area controls, but it also enables the integration of different budgets aimed at developing an integrated budgeting process.
Sales Profitability
Our solution is addressed to companies willing to manage their sales profitability in a coherent and timely manner (channel, store, department, etc.). Moreover, at present, it is essential to assess the effectiveness of promotional activities and customers’ clustering and analysis.
HR Productivity
Human Resources are vital for each company that wishes to grow and maintain a competitive advantage. The solution is focused on cost control and HR productivity measuring their performance and impact on production costs (phases, cycles, activities).
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