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Pata S.p.A., a leading Italian manufacturing company specializing in the production of crisps and savoury snacks, chose the Business Performance Management E3 suite in order to introduce a modern system to monitor and manage its business.

The company is well-known for creating innovative products, ensuring high quality standards and adapting perfectly to changes in the market thanks to automated and flexible production processes.

Due to the easy configuration of the E3 application solution, it was possible to implement the following areas of management and control in a short period of time:

  • Full Product Costing thanks to the allocation of indirect manufacturing costs with drivers relating to the use of productive resources
  • Full cost  profit margins for the Client/Product.
  • Monthly profit and loss account balanced against the management margin

This is a solution that was received with great enthusiasm by Mr Banditelli – Controller and Project Leader – who appreciated its ease of use and flexibility. Using the E3 Suite, it is possible to integrate different sources of information, to adapt the parameters of different Profit and Loss Account reclassification rules and to automatically balance data. It also allows you to reallocate costs and revenues as well as streamline workflows in order to speed up requested collection, verification and estimation activities to the Controller. The end users are the Sales Department which receives daily progress reports and Senior Management to support business and investment choices.

Mr Banditelli explains that the next objective is to implement the Budget and Forecast process in the area of Production and Profit and Loss.

Read the full case study at: Case Study PATA


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