Thanks to OLAP Business Intelligence tools, users can analyze different areas of their corporate environment (sales, marketing, etc.), explore different aspects and identify both potential opportunities and areas of improvement with only a fews clicks of the mouse. Available OLAP analysis tools allow to satisfy the needs of each user, even the less proficient one.

E3 OLAP Analysis is fast and efficient operating directly with Data Warehouse data, using a multidimensional OLAP analysis (OnLine Analytical Processing).

During the analysis procedure, the user can decide whether or not to consider some specific features and quantitative data, handling them with drill operations, applying different filters, adding or eliminating new features and trying to identify the most interesting information. This is only possible thanks to OLAP Business Intelligence tools especially conceived for business users.

Users may personalize their analysis model by adding or eliminating certain features or data, processing filters and changing the hierarchy. The interface provided by the navigation module is similar to the Excel interface, in such a way that the user can easily navigate within the system. In the menu bar and in the toolbar there are separate commands corresponding to specific multi-dimensional analysis data tools.


The user may choose the level of detail: from cumulative data to more detailed with a step-by-step analysis, going through the different aggregation levels, or passing from a very detailed level to a global view.

The user may also navigate quantitative data such as quantity, income, costs, profit margins, using different features such as product, organization, customer and time. From summarized information (e.g. corporate or division margins) to basic information (e.g. margin of a product of a specific area).


The different ranges of graphic presentation that the system provides (e.g. Percentage to the total, alphabetical order, Pareto analysis 80/20) identify some specific aspects combining colours with different values that are to be kept under control.


The E3 Suite projects data directly onto the user spreadsheet, automatically scaling and grouping lines and columns making it easy for consultation. With a few clicks, you can access graphic data through historical series tables and Pivot tables that can be shared via email or can be published in HTML. In this way all company users can access the information through a normal browser. Users can also be informed via text message.

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