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E3 is a product to control your business (with a complete overview) and it also allows to improve the processes ensuring transparency and timeliness of information.
Short activation times and low maintenance costs of the control system thanks to analytical preconfigured applications.

Profit and Loss
Our solution is addressed to business directors allowing them to quickly access information regarding the business performance and identify a final competitive advantage. It basically provides a full analysis and management control system:

Balance sheets, profit and loss accounts of the company and of a potential third party (Business Unit, Order, Result area, etc.), cash flows and relevant economic, financial and structural factor analysis, providing a dynamic and prompt overview of final and provisional figures.
With the aim of supporting businesses planning and management control, the E³ suite provides budgeting and forecasting solutions for individual areas of the business or for the coordination of the different areas concerning planning activities.

This budgeting and forecasting solution helps define Corporate or Business Unit or strategic business approaches hypotheses, integrate and consolidate the data and compare it to historical data or other relevant information. One can decide to adopt budgeting top-down approaches (from the general goals to the operational ones), bottom-up or mixed. It’s a product tailored to all those businesses that consider proactivity and operational control a competitive advantage in order to achieve a complete software system and management control.
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