Our solution is addressed to companies that are experiencing governance issues for tasks such as product handling and service distribution.

The Logistics Analysis system allows the monitoring and management of logistics operations in order to improve operational warehousing and service performances.


Actively manage the entire supply chain thanks to an analysis system, through an active analysis of distribution efficiency and effectiveness.

Distribution efficiency and effectiveness improvement thanks to:

  • More efficiently identifying actual logistics and productivity costs
  • Sales network improvement reducing recovery orders costs; reduction of stockpile management operational and financial costs
  • Improvement of distribution center services: reduction of out of stock performance and improvement of shrinkage management and transport efficiency
  • Optimization of goods reorder processes in commercial departments, thanks to reference rotation, promotional policies and seasonal factors


  • Analyze warehouse operations and cost productivity and efficiency (personnel, structure and production facilities)
  • Activities (delivery, warehousing, restoring, load lowering), Preparation, Shipment
  • Departments (lift truck operators, pickers, various services, delivery and shipment, offices and direction)


Cost of transport and vehicles capacity analysis per:

  • Warehouse/preparation units (pallet/roll)
  • Type of carrier, truck type, journey (single/return), etc.
  • Direct or indirect stores, lap cadence, etc.


Service analysis based on the quality of deliveries from the supplier to the distribution center and from the distribution center to the Store/Customer per:

  • Supplier/Warehouse/store/Customer
  • Expedited order
  • Product and product category


Level analysis, stock rotation, age and coverage per:

  • Supplier
  • Warehouse
  • Product/Product category
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