Human Resources are vital for each company that wishes to grow and maintain a competitive advantage. The solution is focused on cost control and HR productivity measuring their performance and impact on production costs (phases, cycles, activities).

Ability to carry out productivity and efficiency costs analysis, quickly evaluate structures and procedural re-organization simulations through budget indicators.

The main advantages refer to:

  • Improved workforce balancing and human resource management
  • Workforce organization according needs
  • Limiting overtime
  • Limiting the costs of untaken leave
  • Personal sales force incentives
  • Workforce cost based on their skills
  • Hourly costs and per capita workforce
  • CDC/department allocation according to attendance level
  • Departments/Tasks costs, etc.
  • Measuring Productivity: Items, hourly turnover, FTE
  • Overtime measurement and control, Absences, Annual Leave entitlement for remainder, etc.
  • Possible extensions: Shift management
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