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E-Price, commercial company that operates on the internet platform, belonging to the Banzai Group – main Internet operator – has chosen to adopt the E3 Solution in order to satisfy the needs of a modern system in order to control the E-Commerce side, something easy and flexible to characterize,  manageable directly by the users.

Adopting BPM software has allowed E-Price to obtain a single and organic repository of commercial data, a commercial database configured in a way to allow an analytic control of margin dynamics in real time, immediately identifying any possible anomalies and possibility of timely corrective actions.

The E3 business performance management solutions give E-Price the tools needed, thanks to a series of management and operational reports and analysis, in order to run the following areas:

  • Merchandise dynamica
  • Profit margin development
  • Promotion progress of products and consumers

“The solution activated with Dialog-Bis Retail has allowed us to intrinsically understand the mechanisms through which we can steer profit margins and has given us a series of strong inputs to improve our basic information systems,” says the company’s CTO.

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