Our solution is addressed to business directors allowing them to quickly access information regarding the business performance and identify a final competitive advantage. It basically provides a full analysis and management control system:

Balance sheets, profit and loss accounts of the company and of a potential third party (Business Unit, Order, Result area, etc.), cash flows and relevant economic, financial and structural factor analysis, providing a dynamic and prompt overview of final and provisional figures.


The main advantages are improved profit management and cost trends, analyzing each task from different perspectives and implementing management control activities. Thanks to the application, you can access either a final or management overview, integrating accounting and non-accounting data, and also implementing and performing an organization of cost structures through a reallocation of rules. In short, this solution enables all corporate performance indicators governance to identify its main trends and analyze them from different perspectives (business area, corporate contribution margin)



  • Accounting data integration containing summarized information coming from other flows: e.g. purchase invoices, attendance and payroll processing
  • Accounting database for management purposes: cash and competence criteria
  • Database update for future planning analysis: data management refresh at the beginning of each month/week
  • Management data navigation through the management of reclassification sub-counts criteria
  • Data projection and creation of preliminary forecast


  • Alignment of accounts (both final and management) to cost center based approach: indirect cost reallocation to CDC
  • Reallocation criteria selection (tables/hierarchical, automatic/manual, total/partial determination criteria)
  • Opportunity to perform simulations and manual adjustments relating to suggested distribution criteria
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