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Dialog Sistemi is proud to announce the market launch of:


The Italian platform for Business Governance and Control, based on Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence technology, which has always been a reference point in the panorama of management control solutions, now enriched with new functions.

The commitment and the development line that has always distinguished the E3 laboratory is to offer a software solution that is:

  • completely parametric and “user driven”
  • strongly oriented towards application issues
  • attentive to technological evolutions of the market
  • focused on guaranteeing return on investment in order to offer concrete support to the necessities and problems of informative management that both Controllers and Analysts encounter in their profession.

The main functional innovations are aimed towards:

  • web use enhancement of the application
  • full support for 64-bit server architectures
  • extension of optimization functions, both batch and online
  • more efficiency in data analysis and distribution processes
  • analytic function enhancement
  • extension of the audience of users (multilingual)

Along with this, the effort of our designers towards the enrichment and improvement of the existing Vertical Applications business performance management solutions was also important, representing pre configured data models to cover application areas of recurring interest for the market such as:

  • Economic and Asset Management Control
  • Sales Governance, Margins and Commercial Profitability, Economic Accounts by Customer / POS
  • Budget and Impact Simulations of Company Policies
  • Customer Segmentation, Fidelity Analysis, Rating of the Distribution and Sales Network
  • Product cost calculation (Full Costing, Direct Costing, Activity Based)
  • Logistics and service operations efficiency
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