E3 Platform


With the advent of information technologies and the Web, the volume of available data for companies has dramatically increased. In an information-based economy, today’s competitive advantage is determined by the way in which we receive, analyze and use the large amount of data in a more effective and timely manner compared to our competitors. Business Intelligence is the answer to this new challenge: transforming missing data into valuable information to support decision making processes and management itself, laying the foundations for making the best choices.

E3 (Explorer Enterprise Edition) is the Business Performance and Data Warehouse platform of Dialog Sistemi. The platform, entirely made in Italy, is a complete, scalable and modular solution. It uses state of the art technologies covering the entire information chain in a single platform; it also provides all the tools needed to operate effectively in different performance control scenarios.


It allows the development of Business Intelligence applications aimed towards corporate governance management in the short term with an excellent return on investment. The  available features and modules, legitimate all the expectations of a stable business intelligence platform, able to deal with a large volume of data, creating and presenting easily accessible information, achieving a complex management control system.


The E3 platform presents its main features taking advantage of user interfaces. In this way it’s easy to develop intuitive business applications without the need to create ad hoc codes.

Thanks to this kind of platform, the final user is more independent and even the partners wishing to expand their activities can use it.

E3 Optimizer is a new software module able to analyze Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse systems in real-time.
The user can access all the data organized in the Data warehouse, by using preconfigured reports or by creating new ones.
Thanks to OLAP Business Intelligence tools, users can analyze different areas of their corporate environment (sales, marketing, etc.), explore different aspects and identify both potential opportunities and areas of improvement with only a fews clicks of the mouse.
Thanks to E3 Broadcast, companies can win the “information challenge”. Decision makers only need access to some of the available information of their organization. Nevertheless, they need to access this content in the most appropriate way, according to their function and activity.
E3 Dashboard is a Business Intelligence module that provides an integrated environment to easily define graphical management dashboards based on KPI/indicators and applications that follow the BSC (Balanced ScoreCard) methodology.
E3 (EXPLORER Enterprise Edition) is a product based on high-tech solutions and applications containing the most advanced Business Intelligence technologies
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