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The E3 Business Performance Management Platform is now completely redesigned in both interface and services, but not only. Some of the main features have been updated and improved to make the Suite’s use experience easier and more intuitive.

However, which are the substantial novelties of E3? Below is a brief list of platform updates.

Re-write of E3 Portal . The graphical environment of E3 Web has been rewritten (becoming E3 BPM) along with many of the application server’s services; the launch of analysis and reports is managed on parallel sessions, maintaining the user fully operational on the other services of the portal.

Broadcast. You can now enter a list of emails and output folders in the email field and intranet field.

Data-Entry Web. The services and web interfaces for data editing management have been completely modified and updated.

Interactive Report Web Launch. Particular attention has been paid to the rewriting, evolution and ergonomics of the interactive report launch service to reach the users more accustomed to structured layouts, who appreciate the reports (also as a composite report) and who want to have it available in a web environment with launch driven by prompt.

Management of Composite Report Ability to create an aggregated report, for integration of individual reports, with index management, pagination mode, different presentation options, integrated with the broadcast engine.

Tabular Report individualization. The extension of tabular report properties, including report management as a subset of the analysis, print preview, integrated macro management, subtotal grouping management, key management, dynamic prefixes, suffixes, and more.

Active Directory support. The ability to import Active Directory users was activated so that the password managed centrally at network service level can be used.

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