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Dialog confirms its investment commitment on the E3 Platform, with the logic both to improve and enhance native functions of use and application management, along with the opening and integration of third-party BI tools

Below is the list of the main improvements.


  • Future Date Fusion. This function allows you to add data taken from a statistical table through dimensional keys and keys set at a future date. This function, which can be used, for example, to manage sales costs for profit margin purposes, has been integrated into the Suite with a high level of parameterization.
  • Data Warehouse Transposition. This new function allows the user to transpose a dimension from row to column, or vice-versa a sequence of columns into rows. It’s most frequently used feature is to transpose a horizontal product/client income statement into a vertical one and vice-versa. Even a user inexperienced in SQL languages or procedures, has an extremely simple and flexible interface at his disposal.
  • Qlik Sense Integration Starting off from a Database (Oracle) setting, these interfaces allow to interactively create the back-end instructions necessary for Qlik Sense in order to transfer data into the .Qvd data files and to actualize a cloud that subsequently defines your dashboards. These interfaces guarantee maximum efficiency and flexibility in data model projection relational in the Qlik Sense cloud.
  • Jasper Report The JasperSoft report tool has been integrated into the E3 Portal and allows to plan pixel perfect reports that may then be selected and executed directly from the E3 Portal, with the possibility to schedule reports through its Broadcast engine. In short, Jasper reports, whose queries are conveniently characterized with tags, are registered onto the E3 Platform and may be scheduled by using distribution profiles with according filters.
  • Campaign Management The campaigns are specific tests which allow to specify an analysis period and then compare two or more periods, which are usually the period straight before and after the period that was analyzed. They also allow the user to choose a list of items and two lists of stores or clients (one to analyze and the other to use to check and control). The exact definition of all of these parameters is at the complete discretion of the user.

This tool is especially useful for marketing offices that will be able to extract sales movement data from a specific period, being able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. The extraction result is then consolidated onto a list allowing persistent analysis.


  • Strengthening of Interactive Web Analysis:
  • Period Update Button. The period update button has been eliminated, leaving only one update button.
  • Filter Tab. A button allowing the user to filter all selected elements at once has been put into the search for occurrences.
  • Filter Tab. If the kind of desired research has a descriptive list attached, it will be shown, if not an invoice table.
  • Sorting Value Field. This is maintained even when a previously ordered fact is hidden or moved.
  • Kill Session. During long analysis sessions, it is now possible to delete the session and restart from the previous point, changing dimensions or inserting filters to make a more efficient analysis.
  • Daily Calendar. When the “day” dimension is present in the analysis scheme, the bar period which is currently set on year-month, is then replaced by a calendar that allows you to define the period from date to date.
  • Shifting Facts. shifting facts during navigation has been fixed for the entire analysis session.
  • Field comments. Comments entered on the field while being defined, have been activated and made visible both during interactive analysis and prospect
  • Occurrence Search when the limit of occurrences is exceeded, it is highlighted.
  • Occurrence Search The occurrence search looking for both strings is enabled once a second word is put in.
  • Prospecting. More prospect formats have been added: Data and Draft.
  • Subtotal descriptions. Subtotal descriptions have been added.
  • Pivot. This is a new function that may be used during the analysis and report definition phase, allowing the user to transpose a dimension into a column. Column creation, by month or channel, market or nation, will be facilitated starting from an analysis dimension.
  • Mobile Access. The E3Bpm Portal is also accessible by mobile, giving access to Qlik Sense documents and dashboards.


Wizard E3 Installation. All system parameters, for both clients and the portal, have been collected into one single tool with a clear and simple interface, allowing the user to easily manage them, without directly entering into files and configuration tables.

Reports on Library updates. The E3 libraries, substituting the use of excel, have freed us from the use of proprietary, licensed and expensive programs. The libraries have been updated by opening up new development opportunities and keeping the pace and integration with Office365 as wel

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