E3 Dashboard is a Business Intelligence module that provides an integrated environment to easily define graphical management dashboards based on KPI/indicators and applications that follow the BSC (Balanced ScoreCard) methodology.

Thanks to the E3 Dashboard, all corporate information is presented through indicators, detailed analysis, reports, spreadsheet tables, charts, slide shows, pictures, etc. It is also possible to create access links to web-based information and other documents and external applications. 

The E3 Dashboard draws information from the Business Intelligence platform extending its potential to the EIS module and allowing a complete display of all features with a high graphic impact, displaying structures and presentations in a variety of different formats.

E3 basic objects and functions, can easily be assembled to build directional applications without having to program. These applications are equipped with interactive navigation and drill-down features, allowing a high level of flexibility to the user.

 E3 provides an integrated environment to easily implement:

  • Structured maps indicating the number and item categories
  • Information Pyramid
  • Thematic maps and interactive customizable organizational charts
  • Management dashboards and control panels based on KPI/indicators
  • Balanced Scorecard applications
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