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In a market dominated by big technology suppliers, Dialog Sistemi provides software solutions supply for “user guided” management control, which is clearly linked to operational control procedures and meets the needs of forefront managers and entrepreneurs for a better understanding of their business requirements.

Dialog Sistemi was founded in Italy in 1991, establishing itself as a management control consulting company specializing in “monitoring and business governance” systems and as a Business Performance Management and Data Warehousing software producer since 1993.

Dialog is an Italian company based in Milan working with experienced, specialized and dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge of businesses and their processes. It is also supported by an internal Research and Development lab.
Our main services are manufacturing and distribution, covering the entire supply chain. But we also work with Public Administration entities and with the manufactory services establishing technical partnerships with the most important IT suppliers (such as Oracle or Microsoft) and also in cooperation with a network of partners aimed at supporting the development and promotion of our control software. These partners also provide specialized vertical solutions, in the areas of competence, taking advantage of data transformation tools and of the E³ suite modelling.


We help our clients to gain a competitive edge in the market, optimizing their control processes and their corporate business management as well as turning information and knowledge assets into added values. We enhance every single specific business feature thanks to parametrized solutions based on the best technologies and experiences.
We guarantee all our customers high levels of flexibility to adapt to their requests, quick and easy installation and also decreased time-to-market.


We always strive to provide technological innovation and implementation to ensure the best service possible. During the entire product life cycle (Design, Production, Management, Optimization and Support) you will be supported by our professionals who will be transferring knowledge and ensuring your autonomy and progress. Our goal is to create a stable and long-term partnership.


We provide application solutions for vertical markets to ensure a full management control for businesses and their key areas of interests which have been developed using cutting edge technology (E³ Suite) along with the best possible knowledge and skills:

  • Economic and Assets Management Control
  • Sales, Profits and Business Profitability Governance, Client/Store profit and loss accounts
  • Corporate policies, budget and impact simulations
  • Customer segmentation, Fidelity Analysis, Distribution and Sales Network Rating
  • Unit Product Cost Calculation (Full Costing, Direct Costing, Activity Based)
  • HR efficiency and productivity

We therefore offer a cost-effective solution to quickly address your performance governance needs in terms of decision support of information systems, planning processes and operational management. Our solutions are for Controllers, Senior Managers and Directors of different corporate areas.


Management control solutions are developed on the Business Performance Management E³ Suite platform (Explorer Enterprise Edition) developed in our labs. It is a complete system aimed towards modelling and characterizing the offered business solutions through a user friendly framework and interface, without the need of scripts or codes.
The platform is developed under Dot.Net and in Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server, and designed to easily interface with management information systems and third-party applications. It is also integrated with Office and Oracle BI.
Modules and functionalities are integrated into one single platform, ensuring centralized security, administration, development and production management.
Available objects and basic functions allow the management of pre-configured data models through acquisition, manipulation and integration of information flows thanks to both their quadrature, parametrization and modelling, and also their design, report, dashboard and analysis development.


Bis Retail chose Business Unit Retail of Dialog Sistemi, which began as a joint venture between Italian IT and Consulting Companies specialized in mass distribution, with the goal to provide Business Intelligence targeted software solutions for management control in the distribution sector prioritizing business skills, organizational know-how and time and cost effective IT solutions. With Bis Retail Business Performance Management we propose customized solutions in the following areas::

  • Economy and Assets Management Control
  • Sales, Profitability, Sales Profit Margins Monitoring
  • Suppliers analysis and selection and the level of the services offered
  • Assortment analysis and management, product categories, Assortment clusters
  • Sales network productivity governance
  • Efficiency and supply chain management
  • Customers analysis and Fidelity Cards
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