case history

Supermercati Tosano Logistics Area

The Supermercati Tosano company, after having adopted the E3 solutions in the Commercial Management Control and Human Resources Productivity field, chose the E3 Suite for the measurement and control of Logistic Operations.

The company was characterized by an expansion of the “traditional” logistics structures and by the start of warehouse automation, with growth in organizational complexity.

In this context, the logistics measurement solution of E3 Suite was activated with the initial goals to thoroughly measure the logistics operations and the saturation of spaces, which has always been a topic on which the company pays particular attention to.

The Logistics Department expressed specific requests, which we report here:

  • “Regarding preparation: Packages, lines, packages / row, plts, packages / plt, € / plt, hours worked and turnover prepared by department and by store (with totals).
  • Relative to forklift drivers: allocations made, number of lanes traveled to allocate, lowerings made, number of lanes traveled, how many partial expos prepared, distance traveled, full PP prepared, distance traveled.
  • With regard to goods receipt: unloaded plts, unloaded packages, packages per pallet, € unloaded, hours worked, all divided by operator.
  • Hours of all departments.
  • Extraction of a whole series of data from the automatic system: number of pallets loaded in HBW divided by area, number of pallets discarded by area, total packages dismantled during the day, total packages and pallets palletized during the day, packages per pallet, start time first package in palletization and last package time, hourly productivity from the first to the last package. We will have to find a way to register the hours of the various departments divided by function that are currently not recorded.
  • Saturation index of dry, fresh and frozen warehouses.
  • Total value in € and number of pallets of the stock of the various warehouses

The company chose E3 Suite for various reasons, amongst which:

  • the consolidated experience of Dialog professionals, that already operate 360° on measurement processes of commercial operations and resource productivity .
  • the availability of an application environment dedicated to logistic measurement, capable of acquiring, historicizing, organizing and systematizing logistic data.
  • the solid architecture of the E3 platform and the use of the ORACLE architecture as data warehouse technology to support ETL processes and user analysis
  • the prospective interest in completing the logistic analysis in a “full costing” logic, with the interfacing of economic data, to which Suite E3 is particularly attentive.

By activating the solution, it was possible to meet the various requests for measuring operations and saturation.

Firstly, the data of the two storage and preparation systems (“traditional” and “automatic”) are linked in a single repository, with a granular and unifying view.

These tools, now in daily use, are able to improve the management of the main warehouse space, reducing access to external lung structures, activating rebalancing actions.

Routes, dead times and productivity in the classical sense are measured in detail on operations, with extension to the automatic warehouse.


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