case history


Sartori S.p.A. is a leading company in the production and sale of high-quality wines, made available to customers through various distribution channels.

The company needed an efficient monitoring system for its business, aimed at developing product costs and achieving better results and profitability from each product line divided by customers, sales channels and markets. They also had the urgent need to obtain and integrate information coming from different information flows and, at the same time, to involve and increase its users through adequate training tools.


Sartori S.p.A chose Explorer (E3) by Dialog Sistemi, considering the following as strengths to the solution:

  • Proven experience in the industry
  • Parameterized Data warehouse technology that allows an easy integration of information flows
  • Ability to adapt to any relational database platform
  • Easy-to-use, guaranteeing complete autonomy for its users

In a very short amount of time, a modern management Control System was implemented which allowed a significant reduction in manual activities to generate products costs and to monitor internal and external production phases (Activity Based Costing). These are the specific management and control areas that were activated:

  • Product Cost and Activity Based Costing
  • Product/Customer profitability – Analytical CRM (Clustering, Customers’ dynamics)
  • Sales network and agent rating
  • Service quality rating

“The application is easy-to-use and available in Italian; it allows flexible characterization, aggregation and presentation of data so users can manage it autonomously”; E3 has made it possible to integrate any information source”, Mr. Piatto – Accountant and person responsible for the project. The next goal for the Dimar Group is to start determining profit and loss accounts for the company and the market in general and to activate Budgeting functions.

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