case history


The Menarini Group, the largest Italian pharmaceutical group and ranked 36th worldwide, was founded over a century ago, in 1886, in a small laboratory of the International Pharmacy of Naples, but then moved to Florence in 1915, where it is currently headquartered. The Group, made up of both production and commercial companies for the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, currently has 7 manufacturing plants: three of these are in Italy and form part of the MML&S company; the other four are in Barcelona (LMSA), Berlin (Berlin Chemie), Dresden (Menarini Von Heyden) and Istanbul (IEU). Thanks to the synergy of approximately 1,520 workers and employees, the Menarini Group produces about 513 million end products in different pharmaceutical forms: from solid to oral liquid drugs and injectable to topical medications.

In order to achieve quality and timely information to support operational and strategic decision-making processes, the Menarini Group, in cooperation with Dialog, adopted the Oracle business partner in October 2009. It is a modern Business Performance Management system that controls industrial costs and supports budgeting activities. The Group controls every step of the production process, from the preparation of medicines to the packaging of the end product. Before using E3 Suite, each of the Group’s production companies created its own reports, using different applications and spreadsheets. On a corporate level, the collection and consolidation of information from each production plant was carried out connecting specifically developed spreadsheets. Now, thanks to the new Business Intelligence system, based on the Oracle Data warehouse, the information can be automatically collected, integrated, consolidated and analyzed with data coming from different areas of the company. In this way, the Menarini Group takes advantage of a Business Intelligence standardized system in order to calculate industrial costs (Direct and Full Costing) and to control budgeting activities for all of its Italian production plants, different components and needs: from generating profit and loss accounts to determining transfer prices or for inventory valuation. At the moment the application is only available for the MML&S company, but in the future it will be also employed by the other foreign partners (LMSA, IEU, Menarini Von Heyden, Berlin Chemie). The new control system for industrial costs and budgeting is useful for all the branches of the company: for Sales, Planning, Production, Logistics, Administration and Management control offices. In this way, industrial cost information is centralized into one single database, supplied by the ERP management system for data related to general accounting (expenditure items), analytical accounts (movement description), valued orders (consumption, production progress) and budgeting process.


Centralizing all the industrial cost information from different production plants into one single data warehouse system, helps to speed up the decision-making processes of the Group. The budgeting automation process allows the data sharing within the company and favours higher accuracy and certification of the information. Automating acquisition procedures, data consolidation and analysis increased user satisfaction: the need to manually create corporate databases has indeed been reduced and the information generated is much more detailed. Thanks to comparable historical data series it is easier to analyze information on past activities and helps predict future potential settings.

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