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FederFARMACO is made up of more than 20 pharmaceutical distribution cooperatives that serve 11,000 Pharmacies distributed throughout the country, i.e. 2/3 of pharmacies, representing 35% of the total turnover of the Intermediate Distribution of pharmaceuticals.

In order to enable the location processes, aimed at developing the assortment proposal of the network and supporting the collaboration processes with the drug and para-pharmacy industry, a Data warehouse platform was activated focused on the return sales data of pharmacies participating in the project. The technology platform chosen is the Oracle Enterprise 12C database on ODA (Oracle Database Appliance) machine, completely managed through the application of Commercial Reactivity of Dialog Sistemi’s E3 Suite, which – in addition to providing application and reporting tools – offers system support and complete infrastructure outsourcing management. The Data Warehouse manages:

  • daily data collection of sales data from pharmacies (approximately 2,000 member stores) the collection of purchase data and the calculation of sales costs, in order to achieve profitability
  • the acquisition of data on products and pharmacies, which propose a categorization vision particularly suitable for the support of commercial analysis (with a tree of categories entirely managed by the FederFARMACO team)
  • the database, with a 3 year history, which contains about 2 billion receipt lines

Users are divided into two categories:

  • Local users: use the data through E3 Suite interactive navigation tools and can enter into each pharmacy’s details, helping the process of proposal improvement

pharmacies: receive monthly commercial reporting, with the performance of turnover and profit margin, compared with the geographical area benchmark; this allows to quickly identify the category gaps and product opportunities.


In order to achieve these goals, the solution of “Commercial Profitability” of E3 Suite was adopted, which allowed:

  • the consolidated experience of Dialog Sistemi in the Distribution sector, with focus towards technological and performance issues for large databases
  • technological support staff, for infrastructure management
  • the E3 platform simplicity of data navigation and reporting
  • the availability of ready-to-use applications
  • the retail project team that made all this possible to achieve in 4 months

Thanks to the E3 Performance Management Platform Software, the following business results were achieved:

  • Full availability of support information for Pharmacies on behalf of network assistants
  • activation of objectivation project with the industry, expressed in terms of goals with the affiliated network
  • data provision to individual pharmacies, allowing autonomous verification processes, assortment revision and commercial proposals in general 
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