case history


Codè Crai Ovest is one of the largest businesses in Northwest Italy. Since the company’s foundation in 1919, Codè has opened 190 stores, in the three Italian regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Aosta Valley, with a turnover of more than €600M.

Taking into account the high level of competition in the sector (competition with hypermarkets and supermarkets of large distribution chains) for CODE’ CRAI, it is vitally important to maintain its position in the sector compared to its competitors. Codè Crai therefore decided to adopt a flexible Business Intelligence tool to provide useful and timely information to its managers to highlight missed opportunities and to improve corporate performance. Thanks to the Dialog E3 solution, Codè Crai has finally met its requirement to measure and monitor sales data in both relative and absolute terms based on the ECR-tree, with the opportunity to check aggregated data by each category including individual items.


COMPARATIVE Analysis on INTERNAL and MARKET DATA on: – Sales shares – Average Price – Promo Pressure – “No treating” – “Treating Gap” – Trademark incidence – Weighted distribution due to corporate data warehouse integration, all these features are available to everyone according to the data provided by Nielsen for our territory. This tool is impressive for both as a TRADING support system and also as an ASSORTMENTS REVIEW. We also have a tool for supporting dialogue and discussion with our partners.

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