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COROFAR is a major company in the pharmaceutical distribution sector, managing a distribution system to more than 200 pharmacies. Their main priority is the quality of the service provided using IT technologies. Corofar adopted the Dialog EXPLORER control system several years ago.

Implement a modern and efficient management control and monitoring system for its main operating areas (sales and purchases, logistics and customer service) using interactive analysis on the most important corporate and financial variables and indicators, whilst also measuring operational performance. This system is also employed to identify and define the best operational and supporting policies regarding development strategies and customer service.


COROFAR a while back had already identified the need to adopt a Data Warehouse environment to allow the automatic acquisition of management system data on the AS/400 already in use, without having to write complex management programs or to transform data. After detailed analysis of existing solutions on the market, Corofar chose Explorer, Dialog Sistemi’s solution that operates in one integrated environment. Available in Italian, with a state-of-the-art Data Warehouse system, it also provides very flexible Business Intelligence solutions to create user-friendly analysis and reports.

Data Warehouse is created by a Windows server and an Oracle database guaranteeing great efficiency for data management. Thanks to a partnership with Dialog Sistemi it is possible to implement OLAP interactive analysis, reports and summarising dashboards with specific indicators for: • Sales and purchases: promotions, campaigns and marketing, customer segmentation and demand analysis, supplier and customer discounts • Logistics/facilities: creating accuracy, lost sales, product rotation • Profit and loss account: profitability analysis, performance operation management and efficiency indicators

Lastly, the training course designed by Dialog Sistemi for COROFAR users guaranteed an efficient use of the system.


“Thanks to EXPLORER we can automatically create and regularly update Data Warehouse and management Dashboards coming from different sources of information (accounting, turnover, extra accounting data) This tool is made available to users helping them easily perform analysis and reports”.

“Thanks to the adoption of EXPLORER and to the internal activated synergies, we have achieved very important and measurable results over the last few years. Our market share has increased by 3% and customer loyalty by 2%. According to service indicators, Corofar has experienced a marked improvement (accurate settings have increased up to 99.81% and demand availability from 97% to 98.5%). Dialog Sistemi and its consultants have been fundamental in achieving qualitative growth of our internal resources”. Pierluigi Zuccari, COROFAR President


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