case history

Comune di Verona

The city of Verona, unique in terms of art, history and culture, showed particular interest in having access to efficient administrative management. The City Council turned to Dialog Sistemi, thanks to its solid background in this sector, in order to implement its IT system aimed at managing internal control and structure performance analysis.

Since the new legislative measures, in terms of local authority management control, does not only involve the monitoring of budgetary activities but also all the implementation procedures, Verona City Council decided to implement a single platform to support all of their business management decisions. There was also the need to integrate information coming from different and heterogeneous business systems.


After a detailed analysis of the main tools on the market, the strategy to build a central Data Warehouse was identified. The Italian solution “Explorer” was chosen for the following reasons: • User-friendly for all user ability levels •  Ability to digest and integrate all corporate data (management, relational database, manual data, etc.) • Ability to issue advanced and flexible reports that users can directly personalise by using Data Warehouse technologies • Multidimensional OLAP technology analysis to read information at every aggregation level – very flexible application • Reliability thanks to an important customer portfolio in Management Control applications


“Thanks to the power and flexibility of the Explorer product, and to Dialog Sistemi and the expertise of their analysts, we have implemented a highly integrated IT system which enables us to have access to all available information. It is therefore possible to have a full view of business management, with detailed information for each single operating unit and main services”, says Maria Cristina Piubello, Head of Internal Control. “Moreover, thanks to the OLAP analysis, we can easily use multiple values ​​and performance indices according to Analysis Keys that can be easily modified by the user.”

“The Explorer suite provided by Dialog Sistemi finally allows us to control the entire company, all of the operating units, the specific resources and processes. We are thinking about extending its use to other areas and will be activating new projects soon”. Rocco Bellomo R.

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