With the aim of supporting businesses planning and management control, the E³ suite provides budgeting and forecasting solutions for individual areas of the business or for the coordination of the different areas concerning planning activities.

This budgeting and forecasting solution helps define Corporate or Business Unit or strategic business approaches hypotheses, integrate and consolidate the data and compare it to historical data or other relevant information. One can decide to adopt budgeting top-down approaches (from the general goals to the operational ones), bottom-up or mixed. It’s a product tailored to all those businesses that consider proactivity and operational control a competitive advantage in order to achieve a complete software system and management control.

  • Using a straightforward and flexible tool to plan strategies and verify the company’s results, thanks to shared certified and centralized data.
  • Easily plan targets defining hypotheses based on historical data or building up projections, by integrating different budgeting information (e.g. production budgeting).
  • Allocate budget to managers and easily integrate specific hypotheses adopting Office automation familiar tools.
  • Monitoring activity while verifying budgetary deviations and projecting final budgetary figures to simulate the end of the financial year.


  • Company, Multicompany, Departments
  • Functional areas (Commercial, Sales, Production, Profit and Loss Account, etc.)


  • Types: Business, financial, operational
  • Methods: Top-down, Bottom-up, mixed
  • Working procedure: Workflow definition and scheduling


  • Final balance: Non-accounting data, Full costing data, etc.
  • Affiliations: Organizational structures, product categories, etc.
  • Historical data reclassification and update
  • Cost drivers distribution and reallocation
  • Various timelines: Every month, every season, etc.


  • Building up different hypotheses and scenarios
  • Forecasting/Current budget and revisions
  • Deviations analysis


  • Accounting and commercial data input/output, etc.
  • Acquisition through RDBMS/Import/Export file Xls, Txt, etc.
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