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Ballarini, a leading company in the high end of non-stick cooking tools, as well as one of the main European companies in the sector, chose the E3 Performance Management Platform to make its Management Control System more modern and functional.

In particular, the company needed solutions that would allow it to become independent from manual systems, thus obtaining monthly results. The company chose the E3 Performance Management Platform Software which is able to guarantee: user-friendliness, flexibility in characterization, aggregation and presentation of Income Statement data, Commercial Profitability and Product Cost.

In a short time, thanks to the solutions offered by E3 Suite, Ballarini has managed to reach its goals, ensuring a better control in each area of the business. Specifically, thanks to E3 Suite: The working frequency has been increased with monthly instead of quarterly closing times; Management with variances and production costs is more efficient; Value has been added to the company thanks to industrial cost data that is continuously updated; The commercial area is now supported by a model able to feed the standard costs creating a standardized margin and a planning and budgeting process has been initiated.

For further information on the results obtained with the application, please read the following Case Study Ballarini

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