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Your Performance Management
mapping your corporate business structure through personalized analytical applications.
Autonomy and Flexibility
for the management of informative flows, creating a control system thanks to the analytical applications provided by the E³ suite Performance Management
E3 Enrichment by Qlik
The platform is completed with the Data Visualization of Qlik Sense.
Accurate strategic planning is no longer enough to achieve your business goals today. Data and performance must be constantly monitored in order to react promptly with corrective actions.

Dialog Sistemi was founded in Italy in 1991, establishing itself as a management control consulting company specializing in “monitoring and business governance” systems and as a Business Performance Management and Data Warehousing software producer since 1993. Dialog is an Italian company based in Milan, working with experienced, specialized and dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge of businesses and their processes. The company is also supported by an internal Research and Development lab.

Business Performance Management
solutions made in Italy.
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E3 version 10 release
16 April 2021
Dialog Sistemi is proud to announce the market launch of: E3 VERSION 10 (EXPLORER ENTERPRISE EDITION) The Italian platform...
E3 is enriched with new features permitting the use of analysis and reporting and for the data warehouse
16 April 2021
Dialog confirms its investment commitment on the E3 Platform, with the logic both to improve and enhance native functions...
Rossetto chooses e3 to activate the new process control function
16 April 2021
Rossetto Trade has been operating since 1965 in the food retail sector and currently has 23 hypermarkets and supermarkets...
Federfarmaco chooses e3 as the tool for its business
16 April 2021
Federfarmaco chooses the E3 corporate performance management platform software to improve quality and frequency of data acquisition coming from...
Sisaveneta chooses e3 to efficiently organize and manage the management control area
16 April 2021
Sisaveneta had been operating for 50 years in the medium and large-scale distribution and is present with more than...
Sda Bocconi business intelligence observatory
16 April 2021
SDA BOCCONI BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE OBSERVATORY “The practices and methods of adopting BI in Italian family businesses” While presenting the...
Ballarini chooses E3 for its business
9 April 2021
THE E3 SOLUTION TO MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS Thanks to E3, Ballarini adopts a modern Management Control System for Product...
E3 Sales Network Rating
16 November 2017
The Gruppo Pan Spa chooses E3 to make a quantum leap in business governance systems
16 November 2017
The Pan Group, an important reality of modern distribution in Sardinia with 60 sales outlets located throughout the territory,...
Self Italia chooses E3 to improve the management of key business areas
16 November 2017
Self Italia is an Italian distribution chain specialized in DIY. With its 29 hypermarkets, it is able to offer...
Ballarini chooses E3 as modern Management Control system
16 November 2017
Ballarini, a leading company in the high end of non-stick cooking tools, as well as one of the main...
E3 is new: more intuitive interface and new features
16 November 2017
The E3 Business Performance Management Platform is now completely redesigned in both interface and services, but not only. Some...
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